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Experienced Consultant - Western Europe - Germany
Who you’ll work with

You will join one of our offices in Germany, working in small teams of colleagues and directly with clients to solve their toughest business problems.

What you’ll do

You will play a key role on McKinsey consulting teams, often working with multiple project teams across a dynamic set of situations in a way that leverages your deep knowledge in a specific area.

You will apply a broad range of creative problem-solving skills, combining deep technical and analytical excellence to help solve your piece of the overall client puzzle. In addition, you will work with senior leaders, identifying gaps and opportunities to apply frameworks that substantially improve performance in key areas.

You integrate with other teams at multiple points in a project, leading workshops to help build a change story or vision, often leading longer term engagements with teams, such as setting the agenda, synthesizing output and assisting in carrying out the study. In addition, you will likely develop short and long-term plans for all relevant levels of client leadership, with anticipated deliverables, outcomes, and required resources to sustain the transformation.

​Your initial role will depend upon your skills. It is important that we determine an entry level that is commensurate with your experience, strengths, and preferences. 

  • University degree with an excellent academic record; advanced degree preferred (e.g., MBA, PhD, etc.)
  • Solid base of experience over several years working in industry or consultancy; international experience is a plus
  • Extensive project leadership experience and are familiar with strategic questions
  • Excellent analytical and conceptual problem solving abilities
  • Enthusiastic and creative
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment
  • Ability to work effectively with people at all levels in an organization
  • Ability to communicate complex ideas effectively – both verbally and in writing – in English and the local office language(s)
  • Willingness to travel

What to Expect

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