McKinsey & Company International Afternoon Tea - 28 September
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McKinsey & Company International Afternoon Tea - 28 September 2018

Are you an international student studying at a UK University interested in making a difference in your home country? Are you passionate about developing markets and interested in working in one of the McKinsey offices outside of the UK?
We are excited to invite you to our International Afternoon Tea on Friday, 28 September in London.
This is an excellent opportunity to meet our consultants from a wide range of geographies and learn more about our work, our people and global career opportunities. McKinsey consultants and team members from across Asia, Europe, Africa and other Emerging Markets will be present at this event.
We welcome penultimate and final-year students from UK Universities bachelor’s and master’s degrees of any discipline to apply to this event. Please note that you will need to have the language fluency of the office(s) in which you express an interest.
To express your interest we kindly ask you to submit your CV and include your language fluency and office interests as directed. Some offices might require you to submit grade transcripts as well and these requirements are listed in the 'What we need from you' section on our website: If you are applying for a German office please make sure you also include reference of former employers and university transcripts.

Deadline for registering your interest is Sunday, 16 September 2018.

Space at this event is limited and we plan to get back to you at least 4 days prior to the event to let you know if you have been successful in securing a spot.

McKinsey will cover reasonable rail, bus, car or public transport travel expenses to this event.

Please note that London office will not be hosting a table during this event. If you are interested in applying to London, please feel free to join our UK events:

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