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Middle East Knowledge Hub - Research Analyst
Who you’ll work with

Our Middle East Knowledge Hub is looking for creative and energetic (Junior) Research Analyst with strong analytical, communication and organizational skills to join our Abu Dhabi office. You will work with McKinsey consultants, knowledge professionals and clients in the Middle East region. We strongly encourage talented young UAE nationals with high professional aspirations to apply for this role. 

What you’ll do

You will thought-partner with McKinsey consultants, knowledge professionals and clients to articulate, scope, prioritize research needs by setting them in context of business problems, and put together relevant information on regional economics/ regulatory environment/ regional human capital/ consumer base/ localized industries, using a broad spectrum of appropriate sources.

You'll be expected to p
erform a variety of analyses such as bench marking, trends identification, industry and competitive profiling, market sizing, growth projections, opportunity scanning, to add value to problem solving discussions. Provide synthesis, insight, and practical implications within tight deadlines, via end products in the form of single exhibits, written summaries, basic fact packs, and spreadsheets. At every point serve as a sparring partner, leverage internal and external networks, engage in team problem solving, share evolving business trends and best practices and contribute to knowledge creation initiatives​. You will also get valuable client exposure, especially to help in capability building for converting strategy to execution.

  • This position requires a Bachelor’s / Master's degree; knowledge of economics/ business is preferred but all majors are welcome
  • Preferably 1-2 years of experience in research and application of insights for business decision making, covering topics such as macroeconomics, labor economics, demographics, public sector and business environment. 
  • Demonstrated passion for both research and analytical approaches to business problem solving 
  • Intellectual curiosity, along with excellent problem-solving and quantitative skills, including the ability to dis aggregate issues, identify root causes and recommend solutions
  • Distinctive communication skills and ability to communicate analytical and technical content in an easy to understand way
  • Strong people skills, team-orientation, and a professional attitude
  • Knowledge of Arabic is essential for this role

What to Expect

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