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Risk Dynamics - Actuary Insurance Senior Consultant - Europe - London
Who you’ll work with

You’ll work with Risk Dynamics, part of McKinsey & Company. You’ll be based in London and you’ll primarily be focused on projects in United Kingdom.
Risk Dynamics serves clients globally from our main office in Brussels and additional offices in London and Waltham (Boston area). Typical work on projects is carried out in-house with travel to client sites for meetings and presentations. This allows project teams to benefit directly from in-house knowledge and support when needed. Occasionally, and upon a client’s request, work on projects is carried out at the client site.

On February 1, 2016, Risk Dynamics was acquired by McKinsey & Company. This acquisition reflects our joint commitment to be a global leader in model risk management, model validation and model advisory support for the Financial Services sector. Risk Dynamics is a specialized consulting firm conducting in depth assessment of all risk-related measures used in the Financial Industry for banks, insurance firms, asset managers and infrastructure players. These assessments require rigorous understanding of underlying modeling techniques as well as of the business context in which those models are being used. We are therefore looking for candidates who can establish connections between sophisticated modeling techniques and strategic decision-making processes. We have a global client base and you will be exposed to a highly international environment. 


What you’ll do

You’ll work closely with your colleagues to help clients validate or optimize their models across a variety of risk scenarios while enhancing Risk Dynamics’ model validation and optimization methodologies and guidelines.

Additionally you should understand and take into account client expectations, constraints and dependencies, define autonomously work plan and anticipate potential blocking factors. 
We would like you to produce and present high quality deliverables and contribute to business development initiatives (roundtables, events, conferences, client meetings), also as to contribute to the drafting of proposals (partial contribution). You will prepare and give high quality reports and presentations and contribute to the packaging of methodologies based on field work experience and/or the development of thoughtful leadership documents. You will be maintaining an up-to-date and accurate understanding of the regulatory UK market context and by that developing strong, constructive and collaborative working relationships across the Risk Dynamics organization. Each one at Risk Dynamics strives to meet client expectations and to further develop their client’s understanding of specific market “hot topics” in risk management.

  • Master degree or higher in business, finance, economics, engineering, statistics, mathematics, physics or actuarial sciences;
  • Fluent English, both speaking and writing. Additional languages are relevant and welcome;
  • Possess minimum 4 years of hands-on experience in risk management, quantitative modelling, and/or auditing applied to the insurance field acquired through previous employment;
  • Demonstrate sound consulting capabilities learned from a proven experience with high quality standards;
  • Demonstrate a deep understanding of actuarial techniques and risk measures for underwriting activities and Reserve Risk Wholesale & Corporate;
  • Be familiar with the testing, development and/or validation processes used for insurance risk models;
  • A demonstrated understanding of financial mathematical techniques, risk measures, statistics, applied mathematics, and/or finance with practical experience in using MATLAB/C++/R/VBA;
  • Be capable of analyzing a client’s business context, risk management needs and risk projection capabilities. Ideally, this will complement an ability to propose multiple risk modelling responses to the identified needs;
  • Be capable of multi-tasking, adapting to rapidly changing client contexts and of managing their time appropriately;
  • Capacity to exercise critical thinking, to develop an opinion and support it with persuasive arguments based on available evidence and autonomous way of working;
  • Readiness to travel, occasionally on short notice and with minimal preparation time;

What to Expect

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