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McKinsey Solutions - Wave - Solution Analyst - Costa Rica
Who you’ll work with

You’ll work in our San Jose office in Costa Rica, as part of Wave, which is part of McKinsey Solutions and McKinsey’s New Ventures.

McKinsey Solutions is a fast-growing office. It has developed and deployed over 15 solutions to more than 400 companies over the last 7 years. The dynamic team has doubled its size every year, and now comprises more than 500 full-time professionals. McKinsey Solutions is dedicated to creating an outstanding organization with innovation and smart client service practices at the heart of all operations. To help us achieve this, we need talented and ambitious people who inspire and deliver change since the team works closely with client facing organizations to embed the tools and build their capabilities to sustain impact over time.

We are looking for a talented, proactive solution analyst with understanding of business analytics and previous exposure to Big Data, Data Analysis and Excel. As a Solution analyst you will work with a cross-functional high-demanding team and will be exposed to our clients, meeting fast-pace deadlines and clients' needs

Specifically, Wave is an intuitive program management tool that supports transformation and change programs by tracking initiatives and milestones and measuring their impact. Wave also serves as a collaboration channel that connects executives, management, and individuals across an organization. Wave facilitates meetings, progress reports, and information sharing with its suite of reports and visually intuitive layout.

What you’ll do

As a Solution Analyst, you will work within the Data Services team to perform data transformation, modeling and validation activities as well as configuring applications to client context.

In addition to this, as an Analyst you will work with client representatives and McKinsey consultants in joint problem-solving sessions while driving the process of converting raw client date sources into high added value datamart.

Depending on their seniority and the engagement context, Analysts might have to work locally with the Service Management team and/or the client. Analysts also participate to the continuous development and improvement of configuration tools. The key activities of the Analyst include validating raw data quality and transforming the data using MS Excel, performing quality checks on the data, and suggesting improvements for data quality.

  • Bachelor’s degree/Master's Degree/Diploma
  • 2-3 years of experience in the field of data analysis and working with data manipulation and advanced Excel skills. Visual Basics and Macro-writing knowledge is a plus
  • Previous experience working with external clients and client facing roles
  • Excellent time management skills (on time, within estimated workload, according to scope, and with flexibility when required)
  • Great communication skills in English; Portuguese is a plus. Able to communicate with clients easily
  • Ability to act autonomously, bring structure and organization to work
  • Sound problem-solving skills
  • Previous experience working with multi-geographic distributed teams      

What to Expect

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