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Public Sector Practice - Client Development Advisor - EMEA - Brussels
Who you’ll work with

McKinsey & Company helps the world's leading national, regional, and local government institutions in addressing their most pressing managerial challenges and enabling them to better fulfil their mission to the public. McKinsey & Company is a management consulting firm that helps leading corporations and organizations make distinctive, lasting and substantial improvements in their performance. With consultants deployed from more than 100 offices in over 60 countries, McKinsey advises leading institutions on all issues on their agenda, including strategy, operations, organization, marketing, risk and technology.

The Public Sector Practice (PSP) has conducted more than 3,400 public sector client engagements in over 90 countries on all continents during the past 5 years. It has 10 different service lines, including, but not limited to public finance, defense and security, and infrastructure and cities.

What you’ll do

The CDA will work closely with CST leaders and consultants to expand the Firm’s impact within the European Union space, by playing a key role in generating new engagements for the Public Sector Practice. We call this process “clientele development.” In the Public Sector, we can break this process into three phases:

  • Business development: This phase encapsulates all activities that occur before a client organization has decided internally to move ahead with a consulting engagement on a given topic
  • Capture management: This phase begins once an opportunity has been qualified and ends with the formal award decision
  • Proposal delivery: This phase typically starts with the Request for CFTs (Calls for Tenders) / CFPs (Calls for Proposals) / national RFPs (Request for Tenders) / Framework agreements / all EU funded tenders release, and ends upon proposal submission
The CDA will have responsibilities across all three of these areas, as an individual contributor and key catalyst for collaboration with PSP leaders and associates. Business development will compose about a portion of the CDA’s effort, with the majority of effort typically across capture management and proposal delivery (this will vary based on client situation and workload across a portfolio of clients and opportunities).

Further, the division of effort between capture management and proposal delivery can vary based on the opportunity, as well as the fact that a successful CDA will increase the advanced notice McKinsey has of upcoming procurements, which will increase the period of time McKinsey has to build its response prior to the issuance of any CFTs (Calls for Tenders) / CFPs (Calls for Proposals) / national RFPs (Request for Tenders) / Framework agreements / all EU funded tenders.

Business Development

In the business-development phase, the CDA will:
  • Establish relationships with procurement professionals at the European Union
  • Advise PSP leaders about whether and how to pursue opportunities
  • Work with Client Service Teams to construct comprehensive client account plans and manage the client opportunity pipeline
  • Support Client Service Teams in the development of written materials for client development discussions
  • Educate client procurement professionals and potential partners about McKinsey’s capabilities
  • Attend conferences and industry days where public-sector contracting opportunities might be discussed
  • Gather intelligence about upcoming procurements for which McKinsey might be well suited to compete
  • Serve as a thought partner to Western Europe PSP CSTs about the growth strategy at the EU
  • Make recommendations to CST leaders about how they could more effectively develop business at the EU
  • Make recommendations to the CST leaders about how a team could market itself more effectively and lead select marketing efforts
Capture Management

In the capture-management phase, the CDA will:
  • Help shape procurements as they are being formed, to ensure the EU is clear about their requirements
  • Make recommendations to PSP leaders and personnel about how they could gather useful information about emerging procurements
  • Identify partners which whom McKinsey could team for emerging procurements, and finalize teaming agreements
  • Develop opportunity-specific competitive intelligence analysis, along with relative strengths and weaknesses of competitors
Proposal Delivery

In the proposal-delivery phase, the CDA will:
  • Understand the objectives and requirements of the RFP and formulate a view about what it will take for McKinsey to win the procurement
  • Collaborate with team members to ensure key aspects of client intimacy (e.g., compelling win themes, relevant hot buttons) resonate through the proposal
  • Create work plans and align resources to complete the work of drafting high-quality proposals on time
  • Orchestrate personnel as they write proposals
  • Write select elements of proposals
  • Help identify relevant internal and external resources that can be used in the proposal, including managing the relevant proposal repository
  • Review proposals at different stages of the drafting process, and help the drafting team make course corrections where necessary. This includes challenging the proposal team and PSP partners when appropriate
  • Conduct final compliance and quality review before proposals are submitted
  • Help the PSP partners and consultants to prepare for oral presentations, including counseling colleagues on their objectives during the oral presentations and providing feedback on rehearsals
  • Work with PSP partners and contracting specialists to negotiate contract terms after McKinsey wins procurements
  • After McKinsey wins or loses procurements, conduct debrief sessions with internal and client personnel, to identify opportunities for the PSP to improve

  • Knowledge. The CDA will need to have a deep understanding of the European Union Procurement environment and corresponding procurement processes, how such procurement decisions are made, and how a consultancy like McKinsey can maximize the chance of winning new contracts
  • Interpersonal skills.The CDA will need to interact collaboratively with consultants and operate as an integral member of the Western Europe PSP CSTs’ leadership teams, forging effective relationships across McKinsey’s distributed and non-hierarchical organization. The CDA will need to build consensus for his or her ideas and help lead the broader PSP without formal line authority
  • Strategic thinking.The CDA will need to collaborate with the leadership of the Western Europe PSP CSTs to identify new opportunities to grow these CSTs and increase their impact over time
  • Client Relationship Building.The CDA will have a successful track record developing client relationships within the EU Procurement space
  • Entrepreneurialism. The CDA will need initiative to surface and pursue innovative ideas, without prompting from other PSP leaders
  • External partnerships and understanding of contracting avenues.The CDA will need creativity, experience and a good network of contacts to enable cultivating external partnerships and contracting/sub-contracting options
  • Writing and editorial skills.The CDA will need to lead a team of writers, write critical sections of proposals himself or herself, and advise senior members of the PSP about how to improve their writing
  • Education: The CDA must have an undergraduate degree from a respected institution. Graduate education is preferred but not required
  • Previous experience: The CDA should have at least 7-10 years of professional experience in business development, capture management, and proposal delivery. Preferences for candidates who have worked at the EU or at one of our competitors
  • The position is located in Brussels

What to Expect

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