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McKinsey Solutions - Energy Insights - Full Stack Developer - Wroclaw
Who you’ll work with

You’ll work with our Energy Insights team in Wroclaw. Energy Insights is part of McKinsey Solutions and McKinsey’s New Ventures.

Energy Insights, a specialist data and analytics unit, provides distinctive analysis, insights, and support to energy players. We offer services along the oil and gas value chain, including exploration and production, refining and marketing, natural gas, trading and oil field services, and equipment.

Energy Insights’ dedicated specialists apply proprietary tools and methodologies and a data-driven approach. With our strong ties with McKinsey’s oil and gas consulting practice and access to the expertise of the wider McKinsey network, our research and analysis yield knowledge available nowhere else.

New Ventures is a recently formed part of McKinsey focused on fostering innovations driven by analytics, design thinking, mobile, social and other technologies and integrating them into our client work. It is a foundation for—and expands our investment in—our entrepreneurial culture.

McKinsey Solutions is a core part of New Ventures and offers practical tools that help people at all levels of an organization generate insights they need to address both strategic and day-to-day decisions. These solutions complement McKinsey's traditional client service and are delivered in many ways, including subscriptions, workshops, training programs and project-based engagements. We work closely with clients to embed our tools, analytics and expertise, and provide on-going support to help them build the capabilities they need to revolutionize how decisions are made.

What you’ll do

You will help the Software Solutions team to develop proprietary models that forecast energy industry markets and build scalable web applications for clients to interface with our knowledge and capabilities.

As part of a small team of software developers that has the scope to grow considerably over the next couple of years, you will develop modelling solutions that process millions of data-points through algorithms designed by internal experts. These models provide energy outlooks into the future for multiple scenarios, providing clients with the ability to change any of their assumptions to understand the effect they have on the energy industry.

You will develop C# on Visual Studio, also taking advantage of Microsoft’s full technology stack – DLL extensions, WPF interfaces, WCF services, Microsoft SQL Server and now ASP.NET websites on IIS.

You will have the chance to work within our development process, which started with Excel-based models, then we added VBA. We’ve developed a propriety Excel-SQL implementation solution for large and dynamic data sets and since moved into running CLR procedures for more complex modelling algorithms. We process our models on WCF services, allowing us to take advantage of newer development approaches and optimise our data-processing speeds. We now want to develop ASP.NET websites so that clients can interface with our continuously-improving solutions.

    • University degree and excellent academic record • Experience in ASP.NET, WCF and SQL technologies and working under Agile principles• Leadership potential and interest in heping to expand our capabilities • Excitement for pushing Microsoft’s technology stack to its limits • Ability to work collaboratively• Ability to communicate complex ideas effectively – both verbally and in writing – in English and the local office language(s)

    What to Expect

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