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McKinsey Solutions - NVT - VP Product Engineering - North America
Who you’ll work with

You’ll join one of our U.S. offices as part of McKinsey & Co. New Ventures Technology Solutions.

McKinsey and Company is the preeminent impact partner to the world's most important private, public and social sector organizations. We serve 80% of the Fortune 1000 - and many of the world's governments, and leading NGOs. Our mission is to create lasting impact for our clients, and to create an exceptional environment for extraordinary people. And we are a private firm and a client- oriented partnership-- which means we have the luxury to invest for the (very) long term, and prioritize our client's interest over our own. 

New Ventures fosters innovation driven by analytics, design thinking, mobile and social by developing new products/services and integrating them into our client work. It is helping to shift our model toward asset-based consulting and is a foundation for – and expands our investment in – our entrepreneurial culture. Through innovative software as a service solutions, strategic acquisitions, and a vibrant ecosystem of alliances, we are redefining what it means to work with McKinsey.

The way we do this is by creating and scaling start-ups inside our Firm, and acquiring new capabilities. Each operates as an autonomous unit: it has a leader, a board and dedicated funding. Our ventures have direct access to our clients, through our 1500+ partners around the world. We also provide our Firm's backbone: our network of 110+ offices, our world class recruiting and professional development teams, and our administrative / legal / finance functions. This means our teams can focus on building and delivering exceptional impact.

What you’ll do

You will be responsible for building a world-class Product Development capability to enable our solution builders as they build their products, both within the Firm and through a network of carefully selected software development partners.

We are looking for a seasoned executive with a deep, hands-on background in leading product development teams to build software products, ideally in a service organization model; steeped in Agile method. A technology leader deeply connected in the market and with the ability and network to attract top talent to his team. 

As the VP of Product Engineering, you will be responsible for building and managing a common development approach across solutions, including our product management methods and tools, engineering methods and tools, and the strategic development and management of common technology stacks and reusable components across solutions.

You will lead and develop a central team of architects, product managers and designers who act as a development accelerator for early stage ventures to deliver first generation products in a rapid fashion. Manage their deployment and utilization on projects, work quality and interaction with venture leaders.

You will manage the delivery of high quality product engineering across all ventures,  develop and manage external product engineering partner portfolio, and define clear roadmaps for developing solution engineering teams as solutions grow and establish themselves. Providing advisory input to Tech leaders in our largest ventures on the performance of their engineering teams.

You'll create an atmosphere and reputation to attract world-class product development talent to our development accelerator and solutions teams, and build our technology talent pool in strategic locations for the Firm across the globe. You'll build a product development community across solutions, enabling knowledge sharing and integrated learning.

You'll provide a coordinated view of strategic software builds across our Solution portfolio, monitoring and managing our portfolio technology and find opportunities for strategic intervention through development of common platforms and components.

You will act as a thought partner to partners and senior partners in the Firm to help them build exceptional ventures, advising them on how to bring their ideas to reality, communicate with them on progress throughout the early product development stages, and enable high visibility issue resolution.

You'll create technical budgets and resource allocation and resource acquisition plans to align with the functional and business goals and objectives.


  • Experienced in building product development capabilities in a services organization model
  • An inspiring leader who is a magnet for talent, and has led high talent individuals 
  • A seasoned technologist who has worked in very fast moving environments
  • Able to drive multiple initiatives at pace simultaneously, to quickly enable growth
  • A skilled communicator, able to effectively manage large numbers of diverse stakeholders at every level 
  • A proactive and self-motivated person with a huge bias for action and rapid outcomes, and who actively identifies and attacks bottlenecks 
  • A natural leader with the capacity to be a partner-peer in our Firm
  • A leader with a positive outlook, but also a clear view of reality and calls it like they see it  
  • Able to travel 50% of the time 
  • Experience: 8-10 years in Product Development 

What to Expect

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