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Sustainable Urban Economic Development - Risk Manager - Africa - Nairobi
Who you’ll work with

You’ll work in our Nairobi office as part of our Sustainable Urban Economic Development (SUED) team.

SUED is a donor-funded, 6-year programme whose core objective is to provide sustainable urban economic development in Small and Medium Towns (SMTs) in Kenya. The programme improved urban economic planning at county level, improved sub-national business environment reforms, and established an Urban Investment Advisory Facility (UIAF) to support public-private investment in Infrastructure and high potential value chains across Kenya.

What you’ll do

You will oversee and direct all aspects of risk from project design, planning, scheduling, budgeting and implementation.

You’ll ensures effective management of resources required to accomplish all aspects of the programme in scope, schedule, and budget. This includes developing and establishing a holistic SUED risk management matrix covering all the components of the programme. You’ll oversee the integration of the risk management within individual projects, ensuring the level of service support is available for each project in development and/or delivery.

Additionally, you’ll lead the formulation of corrective action plans and discussions with the project delivery teams, you’ll confirm their suitability and monitor effective implementation to ensure arising risks are resolved with efficiency for both internal and external stakeholders. You’ll also maintain and regularly update the risk register and immediately highlight any risks that could have impact.

  • Graduate degree required in related field in addition to specialised qualifications in Risk Management
  • Extensive and proven experience working on risk management within large-scale and complex projects
  • Strong facilitation and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work effectively with members of the PMU as well as with external stakeholders
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English

What to Expect

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