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Sustainable Urban Economic Development - Value Chains Expert - Africa - Nairobi
Who you’ll work with

You’ll work in our Nairobi office as part of our Sustainable Urban Economic Development (SUED) team.

SUED is a donor-funded, 6-year programme whose core objective is to provide sustainable urban economic development in Small and Medium Towns (SMTs) in Kenya. The programme improved urban economic planning at county level, improved sub-national business environment reforms, and established an Urban Investment Advisory Facility (UIAF) to support public-private investment in Infrastructure and high potential value chains across Kenya.

What you’ll do

You will lead in identifying and developing high potential value chains in selected counties and towns.

You’ll do this using a holistic value chain approach to analyse, design and develop the value chains and identify inter-linkages with similar value chains in the county and at the national level. You will package the value chains in a manner that can attract private investors.  

To accomplish this, you’ll develop and manage strong relationships with the county government, private sector participants and CSOs to ensure that the SUED programme has local ownership and support. You’ll undertake value chain analysis to co-develop a vision with county stakeholders of a more competitive industry and you’ll develop roadmaps for achieving competitiveness. You’ll define market driven interventions by use of proven market research tools to conduct in-depth end-market analysis, market channels, constraints, risks and benefits. You’ll provide strategic and technical oversight for the work stream throughout the programme.

You’ll have the opportunity to design interventions that support value chain competitiveness, to build local capacity to respond to dynamic markets, and to use incentives to catalyse broader change without negatively distorting markets. You’ll facilitate iterative learning to allow for adaptive change in project strategy to ensure delivery of results and you’ll contribute to the team’s knowledge management by leveraging learnings from the VCs.

  • Masters Degree or equivalent in Urban Planning, Economics or related social science
  • 8+ years of relevant experience in urban development-related programmes and development review processes, at least (3) years in Kenya
  • Demonstrated understanding of the devolution of functions of national vs. county governments and working experience with county government
  • Knowledge and experience of DFID, USAID or World Bank Group approaches to urban development and resiliency
  • Demonstrated skills and direct work experience with at least one or more of the following: investment project management at the county level; sector analysis work addressing topics including local administration, county financial management, solid waste management, water and sanitation, environmental services, urban transport or disaster risk management
  • Proven capacity to work with a wide range of stakeholders, including, national and county government agencies, international organizations, academics, development agencies, and NGOs/CSOs
  • Experience in translating research findings into policy advice and in carrying out policy dialogue with national and county government agencies
  • Commitment and ability to develop institutional capacity at both national and county and CSOs with respect to all issues mentioned above
  • Outstanding interpersonal and networking skills and demonstrated ability to work in multi-disciplinary teams and multicultural environments
  • Ability to communicate complex ideas effectively – both verbally and in writing – in English and Kiswahili

What to Expect

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