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IT Global Helpdesk - Support Specialist - Czech Republic - Prague
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Do you want to further leverage your IT skills? Have you had enough of merely dispatching calls and working in an environment that only focuses on SLAs and tickets? Do you want to be part of the greatest Helpdesk environment? Then it’s time for a change.

What you’ll do

The GHD Workstation Specialist supports internal consultants and support staff by troubleshooting and resolving a wide variety of IT issues, predominantly via the phone. The Workstation Specialist primarily leverages GHD resources and tools, but - depending on the type of request - will also closely collaborate with other internal IT support teams to provide a timely and effective solution.

The GHD Workstation Specialist is expected to be an IT generalist with strong expertise in the IT workstation field. S/he should enjoy providing technical support to a demanding audience in a challenging IT environment. The individual needs to be highly adaptable and open to work on critical or new tasks, seeing them through to resolution. GHD Workstation Specialists work as a global team sharing a common understanding of a “client-first” oriented work environment. Specialists demonstrate a collaborative working style and a strong willingness to help. They share knowledge as well as best practices which contribute to upholding the unique work environment and the specific business culture at McKinsey.

Global Help Desk Specialists help McKinsey employees get their business technology up and running as quickly as possible. They thrive in a collaborative work environment and take responsibility to handle problems through to completion, thus forming a trusted relationship with the user community. They recognize their presence is important for the smooth functioning of the team and make every effort to be punctual. They enjoy contributing to the team’s knowledge base by ensuring documentation is complete and updating troubleshooting procedures in the ticketing database. They exhibit the McKinsey attitude of willingness to go the extra mile to resolve a problem and take every opportunity to learn and expand their technical knowledge. When confronted with a challenging problem, the specialist empathizes with the user, takes full responsibility to resolve the issue, asks for help when needed, and understands the urgency and criticality of the situation.

The following are the performance objectives for this position. In assessing competency and fit, all candidates will be benchmarked against these standards.

  • Satisfy users.  Understands the impact of service quality on customer satisfaction. Receives positive feedback from the McKinsey community regarding the clarity of their communications, patience, and problem-solving abilities. The Specialist strives to form a productive relationship with each caller, following up with all problems to ensure resolution of the client problem. (Measure:  Maintains a minimum customer satisfaction score of 4.80 or excellent scores on other satisfaction measures like NPS - Empathy, technical knowledge, communications, ownership.)
  • Creatively handles complex client issues.  Demonstrates sound judgment, uses resources wisely, and knows when to escalate. When an issue cannot be resolved immediately, specialists apply their creativity to identify alternatives and workarounds to enable our users to continue working until a more permanent solution is found. Specialists understand that their most important priority is to get the McKinsey colleague up and running quickly. They have a strong sense of customer orientation and an understanding of the business needs of the Firm’s end-users. They view the situation from the user’s perspective and try to understand the obvious and hidden needs of users (flexibility, creativity, innovation)
  • Actively engages in self learning and self-improvement.  Asks for guidance on how to improve and use new knowledge regularly. Examines situations that occurred with the intent to improve for future operations. Open to suggestions for improvement (self-motivation, curiosity, communication)
  • Demonstrates general helpfulness to colleagues.  All specialists demonstrate the willingness to help their colleagues by sharing knowledge, being punctual and available when the desk is busy, and showing overall care for team members. Understanding and living the McKinsey values is an important driver for success in this role (interpersonal relationships, collaboration)
  • Ensures seamless interaction between support teams and proactively shares information with these teams. Demonstrates a high degree of collaboration with local teams and regional Helpdesks. Recognizing that the Helpdesk operates in a 24/7 environment, the Specialist ensures issues are turned over to the next region with complete documentation. Makes positive suggestions as to how to improve the department and the customer service process in team review meetings. Offers assistance voluntarily and willingly, interacting politely and professionally with team members (natural helpfulness, communication, professionalism)
  • Uses the KCS methodology and ensures all self-resolved call tickets are linked to appropriate knowledge objects (Measure: 70%-80% link rate). The specialist will search for knowledge in order to resolve the caller’s issues and is expected to link or create solutions following pre-defined processes. Additionally the specialist will provide regular and timely feedback for existing knowledge.  New Knowledge Objects (KOs) are created as appropriate and duplicates should be flagged for archiving. The specialist must follow the KO structure and formatting guidelines (technical knowledge, efficiency, work ethic)
  • Logs all new support requests. Logs all new issues received at the help desk accurately and efficiently. Leverages existing and emerging user support processes and problem-tracking methodologies by logging or updating all support calls and proactively contributing technical solutions in the service management knowledge repository. Notes are accurate and insightful. Tickets reflect all problems solved during a particular call. Documentation is clear enough that inquiries and complaints could be traced to the source, and the situation is clearly explained in the notes (organization, thoroughness, communications)


  • Outstanding customer orientation, i.e., ability to build rapport and trust quickly and to influence an audience through communication to arrive at the best solution
  • Excellent English written and verbal communication skills, i.e., active listening, ability to cogently summarize an issue, both in writing and verbally
  • Have the skills to support:  MS Office, internet browsers, MS Windows, Lotus Notes, BlackBerry, Cisco VPN, network printing, and wireless routers
  • Good judgment skills with a strong sense for urgency and attention to detail 
  • Excellent problem-solving skills, i.e., ability to apply a highly logical and well-organized approach to the analysis and resolution of issues

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