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Design Center - Design Traffic Coordinator - Costa Rica
Who you’ll work with

You will  join the Visual Graphics and Design Center Department in San Jose, a team of 150 colleagues. You will work closely with designers and clients.

We are the visual communications support team for McKinsey consultants around the world, with teams located in Costa Rica, India, US, and Poland, our service consists of providing compelling and effective visual communication solutions for a wide variety of needs: from single slide production in PowerPoint for a “kick-start” meeting, to customized presentation design and alternative storytelling solutions.  We ensure that our firm’s parameters of excellence are met within the boundaries of Business Presentation Design.

What you’ll do

You will provide compelling and effective visual communication solutions for a wide variety of needs.

You will learn about a new area of expertise, “Business Presentation Design,” the latest trend in the design world, and you will be responsible of coordinating jobs that require the creation of Custom Business Presentations.
This type of job will need creative solutions that may vary between graphical enhancements, imagery work, animations, etc. Your task will be to identify what exactly is needed and who has what it takes to achieve it. You will work with an extraordinary group of Designers seated across the world (Europe, Costa Rica, the US and India) and your base clients will be consultants from all around the world.

You’ll need to juggle lots of tasks: going through the design requests in queue, understand the requirements (design related and delivery times related), contact our clients for clarifications/negotiations, route the requests to the correct teams and assign them to the most optimum Designers.

Your Attention to detail will be critical, as we take great pride in the high quality of the work we deliver, hopefully you’ll contribute to maintain this expectation. Our clients and your teammates across the globe are counting on you. The definition of “teamwork” is a complex yet stimulating combination between side-by-side and virtual collaboration. Ownership and commitment are paramount in your success in this role.

You will be working very closely with our Designers and clients, so you will be the face of our business and have great impact on our overall team’s performance

You will be responsible of coordinating design requests that fall under the category of “Level 2” (Custom Presentations that require design-based and creative value additions: visual enhancements, imagery, high-end customized style applications, etc.) across all Visual Graphics locations (Americas, Europe, India).  Your role will consist of managing the various stages of the coordination process for “Level 2” services. These stages include several tasks such as revision of design requests, re-routing, confirmation, assessment of the requirements and request assignment among others.

In this role you will learn to navigate the intake process for Visual Graphics emphasizing on the Design related services within a 3-month time frame: work alongside more experienced Coordinators to understand the nuances of the process, from the schematics of the different stages of a request, to the different service groups established to work according to specific requirements, and the terminology used to assess and assign work (e.g., Production Points).

You will coordinate requests end-to-end considering available design resources for all Visual Graphics locations across the globe (Americas, Europe, India, USA): review the requests and reservations categorized as “Level 2” and subsequently validate, redirect, classify and prioritize, assign requests to Specialists/Designers depending on skill, service group and speed, follow-up on progress/delivery of requests to Users with Specialists/Designers, achieve the successful coordination of 20 to 40 requests per day (varies between service lines). Utilize the available capacity of resources at its fullest depending on skills, service group and speed.

You will i
mprove the user experience when requesting design-related work by conveying superb customer service etiquette and sufficient knowledge of design: clarify unclear instructions directly with Users, understand User’s expectations in terms of the design requirements, scope of the request, time frame to be delivered, negotiate scope and deadlines when required, always demonstrating the highest levels of service orientation by being empathetic, courteous yet assertive, ensure that the User is timely informed about delays, issues or other situations that can compromise the delivery of the request on time, document all interactions with the User (expectation setting, negotiations, follow up, etc.).

You will
improve the interaction with the Designers to contribute to superior quality of design in deliverables to Users and a smoother workflow of requests: Clarify instructions with Designers, serving as a bridge between them and the User, set the expectations clearly with Designers in terms of design requirements, scope of the request and time frame to be delivered, follow up with Designers on any delays, issues or other situations that can compromise the delivery of the request on time, be cordial, helpful and assertive in all interactions with Designers, always demonstrating a high sense of teamwork and collaboration

  • Willing to work on rotating shifts between 10 am and 8 pm
  • Ideal candidate should have design sensibility, which means to have the ability to make judgment calls about what to express and how when it comes to communication, designing or business presentation design

What to Expect

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