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Corporate Finance - Junior Research Analyst - Asia - Shanghai
Who you’ll work with

You’ll work with the Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice (S&CF) based in Shanghai.

The Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice (S&CF) provides strategic advice on finance and value creation, and help companies identify, develop, and implement winning strategies, offering support and capability building at every stage of the strategic journey.

As a member of the team, you’ll be able to provide a range of S&CF related research and analytical services such as diagnosing financial performance; determining value creation levers; identifying critical trends; identifying granular growth opportunities; developing innovative breakthrough ideas; determining corporate and portfolio strategy; and engaging with external stakeholders, governments, and regulators.

S&CF analyses have been featured in numerous books such as Value: The Four Cornerstones of Corporate Finance and The Granularity of Growth, and in articles published in Harvard Business Review, McKinsey Quarterly, and McKinsey on Finance

What you’ll do

You’ll be responsible for strong research request management and analysis and serve as a point of contact for S&CF research requests.

Also, you’ll articulate, scope, and prioritize research needs and identify and gather relevant information using a broad spectrum of appropriate sources.
ou’ll have opportunities to organize, analyze, and synthesize facts into targeted, McKinsey formatted end products.  These end products can be in the form of single exhibits, written summaries, financial models, basic fact packs, and spreadsheets.

Coordinating request handling and dispatching with the appropriate colleagues globally will also be part of your job.

  •          Strong analytical skills, creative thinking and excellent problem solving capabilities.
  •          Strong work ethic, comfortable with handling multiple tasks, reprioritizing on the fly,  able to network with the practice and  knowledge community to deliver the best answers for client questions
  •          Interest in the corporate finance and strategy knowledge domains with intermediate content knowledge
  •          Good written and verbal communication skills, including the ability to interact effectively at all levels of a large international organization
  •          Energetic, cooperative and pleasant personality. Able to work with and handle effectively a diverse group of team members 
  •          Ability to work under pressure and deliver on tight deadlines

What to Expect

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