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Operations MMP Center of Competence - Research Analyst - Asia-Pacific- China
Who you’ll work with

You’ll work with the team in our Manufacturing Practice Center of Competence in Shanghai.

You’ll collaborate with consultants, providing them with specialized manufacturing services, including Lean implementation support and benchmarking through proprietary databases and diagnostics. You’ll also work closely with your counterparts in Gurgaon, India.

What you’ll do

You’ll provide manufacturing expertise to consulting teams to help clients tackle some of their most pressing challenges, and you’ll contribute to various knowledge initiatives.

You’ll create and maintain tools to bring best-in-class manufacturing knowledge and capabilities to our clients, including benchmarking databases, simulations, and skill-building training sessions. You will build knowledge around best practices in manufacturing. For example, you will develop new tool kits to help client service teams diagnose the client’s opportunities for transformation. You’ll help develop possible soultions and prepare for implementation – for example by rolling out the proposed operations changes at multiple sites/plants. Along the way, you’ll participate in a comprehensive training programs that will help you continuously grow and develop.

  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering
  • At least three years experience in manufacturing in automotive, automotive components, electronics (including office equipment and industrial assembly industries such as pumps, switch gears and medical devices) in companies with strong lean programs
  • Passion for manufacturing
  • Superior problem solving and analytical skills
  • Proven record of leadership
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment with people at all levels in an organization
  • Persuasive communication skills in written and verbal Mandarin; basic communication ability in English
  • Willingingness to travel

What to Expect

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