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Healthcare Systems and Services - Associate - North America - West Coast
Who you’ll work with

McKinsey's West Coast Office is seeking exceptional professionals with experience in Healthcare Systems & Services for a generalist Associate position.

What you’ll do

The focus of this position is on serving healthcare providers (academic medical centers, hospital systems, integrated care organizations, physicians, etc.) on a broad range of strategic, organization and operations effectiveness issues.  This is an exciting opportunity to help clients achieve impact, as well as influence, advise and problem solve with some of the world’s top global leaders.

The primary role of an Associate is to lead problem-solving efforts on a portion of a client engagement.  Associates play an important role on client engagements by identifying issues, forming hypotheses, designing and conducting analyses, synthesizing conclusions into recommendations and helping to implement change with our clients.  Throughout an engagement, an Associate is involved in discussions and presentations with senior client leadership.  Associates work on engagement teams typically consisting of 3 to 6 consultants.  A typical engagement lasts between 2-4 months, and an Associate will normally work on a single engagement on a full-time basis.

An Associate role is a unique opportunity for individuals to have a substantial impact on the world’s leading global institutions and companies.  We look for candidates who excel at solving problems that require logical reasoning, creative thinking, strong analytics and the ability to untangle complex issues.  Successful candidates will possess the following attributes:
  • Exceptional problem-solving skills
  • Demonstrated leadership ability and entrepreneurial experience
  • Superb communications skills
  • Strong personal drive and motivation
  • High-value personal qualities - resourceful, responsible, tenacious, independent, self-confident, high-energy, etc.
  • Exemplary professional behavior and values

What to Expect

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